Solo Hike in French Alps

This summer I decided to do that I have never done before - go on a solo hike in French Alps. 

Although physically challenging (I hiked 7 days for about 18-20 km a day), It was an absolutely magnificent and life changing  experience. After hustle and bustle of New York I tremendously enjoyed the solitude of the mountains, beautiful scenery of National Park Du Mercantour, charm of Medieval villages of Moulinette, Sospel, Peillon, gorgeous views from the Nietzche footpath leading up to Village of Eze and turquoise waters of Cap d'Ail. 
No words to describe how healing were on my senses the scents and aromas of blooming flowers, rosemarine and lavender, sounds of birds and cicadas, views of valleys, waterfalls and alpine meadows.  
Hot bath, glass of wine and French meals at the end of the day were an added bonus and allowed me to experience Côte D'Azur in its fullest. Especially remarkable were black currant pie by ladies at the La Yeti resort in Camp D'Argent, and an exquisite meals and deserts at Auberge De La Madone in Village of Peillon by chef Thomas Millo.

But the most important part of the trip were, of course, the people I met along the way. It's always the people we meet, who make any adventure more remarkable and memorable, and proves us that no matter how much we are looking for solitude, we are social beings and how important for us human connections and friendships, ability to connect and share. 

Places to stay I enjoyed the most: