The most remarkable Wedding of 2015 (in my opinion)

Murad and Nataly Osmann, the famous #FollowMeTo Couple Got Married in 2015.

Murad Osmann,  Russian photographer behind the #FollowMeTo photo project, has finally married Natalia Zakharova, his beautiful sweetheart who has been leading him around the world. In June last year he made a promise to hold her hand forever.

Osmann's "Follow Me To" project began in 2012, when he started capturing images of his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova holding his hand in different locales around the globe. And they changed the way people take travel photos offering much more creative approach...


But first they got engaged


After rising to Instagram fame and publishing  a book in January 2015, the two got married on June 06, 2015 in a gorgeous ceremony in the Zhavoronki Event Hall outside of Moscow, Russia.


Then they shared the pictures from their honeymoon in Las Vegas, India and Maldives