My husband and I believe in the importance of education for all children. During the trips to India, Tibet and Nepal it was shocking for us to see how many kids grow up therewithout access to any education, or lack of basic supplies in schools. Six years ago we started our School Project by bringing school and medical supplies, warm clothes and shoes to remote towns and villages of Nepal and Tibet, funding, providing selected schools that have access to the power with laptops and other educational aid. 

The excitement in 7-9 year old kids eyes when they see color crayons, books, markers for the first time in their life is priceless and ... extremely sad at the same time.

We do not believe in donating money to large organizations, we prefer to help one child, one school at a time. 10% of my profits go to pay tuition of orphans, underprivileged kids or kids who's family cannot afford to send a their child to school. 

During my last trip to Kerala, India I learned about Jyothirmayi, lovely girl and very kind, great student and artist. Her father was seriously injured in car accident, lost his job and her mother is stay home mom, with 2 children, so they struggle a lot and couldn't afford their daughter's education any longer. I was delighted to help the girl stay in school. Now I am working with a school establishing a scholarship fund for kids like Jyothirmayi.

In addition I collaborate with the wonderful organization "SHE'S THE FIRST" that helps me to reach underprivileged girls in Nepal and sponsor them as well.

And funding some doctors work via SAMAHOPE:


Jyothirmayi from school in Kerala, India